Experience Heartfulness A Webinar Series

Namaste! This webinar series is being offered to help you learn more about the Heartfulness meditation practice in the comfort of your home. Over ten weekly sessions, a panel of certified trainers will lead you through simple concepts and practical exercises, which you will then be able to practice on your own.

Each webinar will include a live Heartfulness meditation session. The concepts will build upon one another so participants are encouraged to attend each session.

The webinars are free but have limited capacity so please register soon.

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Defining Heartfulness: Why do we meditate upon the heart?

The Restless Mind: How to Deal with Thoughts during Meditation

The Art of Silence: Tuning Out to Tune In

Connecting Within: Using Meditation to become Settled in Your Self

#adultproblems: Utilizing Meditation to Improve Decision Making

Unwind and Contemplate: The Different Techniques of Heartfulness


July 23, 9 AM and 12 PM EDTDefining Heartfulness: Why do we meditate upon the heart?Discover why meditation on the heart is such a transformative experience, and learn how it is done. Enjoy a guided meditation that allows you to discover your own unique experience of Heartfulness.
July 30, 9 AM and 12 PM EDTThe Restless Mind: How to Deal with Thoughts during MeditationThe mind has been described as being filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, carrying on endlessly! It is so common to be distracted during meditation – learn what we can do to sail past the disturbances of the mind.
Aug 6, 9 AM and 12 PM EDTThe Art of Silence: Tuning Out to Tune InIs there silence within silence? Learn how one finds levels of stillness and silence within ourselves through Heartfulness meditation.
Aug 13, 9 AM and 12 PM EDTConnecting Within: Using Meditation to Become Settled in Your SelfLearn how to find our inner anchor through meditation, so that the turbulent waves of life’s ocean don’t toss us around like wooden toys.
Aug 21, 4 PM and 7 PM EDT#adultproblems: Utilizing Meditation to Improve Decision MakingMark Twain wrote : “I must have a prodigious amount of mind; it takes me as much as a week, sometimes, to make it up!” Almost everyone struggles with making decisions! Learn how meditation can help you refine this vital skill.
Aug 27, 9 AM and 12 PM EDTUnwind and Contemplate: The Different Techniques of HeartfulnessMeditation is one of several elements of a daily Heartfulness practice that work together to deepen our inner experience. Learn simple and effective techniques that you can integrate into your daily routine.
Sep 3, 9 AM and 12 PM EDTQuo Vadis? Fixing our goal in meditationWhy is it important to fix our goal in any endeavor? Learn how the idea of a goal transforms our meditative experience, and what Heartfulness practitioners have discovered about their goals through meditation.
Sep 10, 9 AM and 12 PM EDTWhy Can't I Fall Asleep?! How meditation helps sleep, and vice versa.In today’s hyper-connected world, so many people struggle to sleep properly. Learn how meditation can help you find deep, rejuvenating sleep, and in turn how proper sleep can help you meditate better!
Sep 24, 9 AM and 12 PM EDTHeartfulness Everyday : Expanding meditation through our dayWouldn’t it be lovely to experience the inner connection in every activity throughout our day – in our leisure, our taking of food, our time with friends, and our productive hours at work? Learn how Heartfulness meditation enables this continuous connection simply and naturally.
Oct 1, 9 AM and 12 PM EDTSummary of ten week series 

Chris Mills

Chris Mills is a practitioner, instructor and student of Heartfulness Meditation, which he’s practiced for over 20 years. Chris is marketing professional who lives with his family in Torrance, California. You can reach him at chris.mills@heartfulness.org

Emma Ivaturi

Emma Ivaturi is an east-coast based graphic designer and co-editor of the monthly Heartfulness Magazine. Last year she took a break from the screen, finding insight working one-on-one as the private educator for an autistic student. Class Valedictorian from UCLA, she loves sharing an effective, life-changing practice, facilitating meditation workshops across the country as a meditation trainer.

Brian Jones

Brian Jones is a professional musician, artist and graphic designer. He began the practice of what is now called Mindfulness at age twelve and then took up meditation on the heart or Heartfulness by age eighteen. He is a regular college speaker on topics from entrepreneurship to meditation and is currently finishing his first book. Brian has studied the art and science of meditation for over 40 years and is a Heartfulness meditation trainer.

Santosh Sreenivasan

Santosh has been practicing Heartfulness meditation for over 24 years. He has helped design and deliver training programs worldwide to help people learn to meditate. He lives with his family in southern California and is a strategic advisor helping organizations balance technology and intuition.

Mamata Venkat

An Ohio native, Mamata graduated from Wright State University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and a minor in Spanish, and later pursued a post-baccalaureate pre-medical program. She is currently interning with Global Health Corps, a non-profit global health fellowship organization based in New York City, pursuing and has intentions of going in to health management and policy. Mamata is a TEDx speaker featured during the 2016 TEDx event in Perrysburg, Ohio, utilizing the theme of (inter)action to discuss the application of meditation to internal and external development, and how success in either does not have to come at the cost of the other. Mamata has been practicing Heartfulness meditation for six years, and has been a certified trainer for one year. 

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